How to insure a car?

Insurance is an important stage in the purchase of a car. Why do I need a CASCO policy, and how to get legal payments? What to do in an insured event so as not to lose insurance, and where to turn for help if the insurance company is in no hurry to pay?Buying a car, no one thinks about the risks! And here we are wrong. We strive to get behind the wheel as soon as possible, to feel the speed and freedom. When a salesman at a car dealership offers us insurance, most perceive it as an attempt to earn more money. In fact, this is not quite true. It is important to understand that casco insurance is extremely necessary.Casco is a full guarantee and protection of your car. For example, a cheaper policy protects you from costs only if you are the culprit of a traffic accident. If they crashed into you, then without a hard hat you will need to wait a long time for payment from the culprit of the accident, perhaps even to repair the car at your own expense. In cases where the culprit of an accident after the trial and investigation is in no hurry to pay compensation, quite often this payment has to be demanded in court.If you still decided to issue a CASCO policy and protect yourself from financial liability even from natural disasters, then your insurance company, and not only the defendant, should make the payment in case of an accident through no fault of your own. The amount of the insurance payment depends on the CASCO package, the cost of the car and the amount of damage caused.To receive payments, you need to confirm the fact of an accident, show evidence that the accident was not your fault. To do this, you will need a photo-fixation from the scene of an accident, a video from your DVR, a traffic police protocol and a court decision. If, in the presence of all these documents, insurers are in no hurry to pay, then you will need the help of a lawyer.Car insurance is a necessary measure in case of accidents. For example, if there is a thunderstorm forecast, you can not be afraid that a tree will fall on the car, because the insurance company pays for repairs.You can insure a car both when buying it at a car dealership and at any insurance company. Choose an insurer carefully, read reviews about receiving payments. To insure a car, you must have a technical passport for the car, a license and a civil passport.Insurance policies often help in our lives. If you deposit a small amount during car insurance, we receive financial protection from unforeseen situations and circumstances beyond our control.